Music is all about emotion.







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Music is all about emotion.

As a composer, producer, and keyboardist, my aim is to create an emotional soundscape, no matter what style of music I’m working in.  In a live performance show, it is to support and enhance the arc of the story line, weaving in moments to help motivate choreography, enhance drama, and bring the audience to an emotional connection with the stage.  If it’s music for picture, it’s helping the director to achieve the connection to the story, or in the case of a commercial, the connection with a product.  And if it’s just music on its own, to create a feeling where the listener can get lost in the feeling of a song—jamming out to a hard groove or chilling out with a soft, relaxing melody.

My life of musical experiences has given me a unique skill set, enabling me to weave together many different styles of music.  Touring the world with artists like Chaka Khan, Michael McDonald, and Boz Scaggs let me know the power of live music, and the effect it can have on an audience.  When working in the studio, i always try to capture the energy that happens in a good live performance.  I’ve worked with all kinds of ensembles, from rock bands, funk bands, orchestras and jazz big bands, and it’s great to be able to draw from these various experiences as needed for the many different styles of music I’m asked to create and produce.  

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